The true testimonial to the Douglas K. Fifner Co. LPA; #146; handling of complicated litigation in a cost effective manner is the firm’s list of clients who have assigned cases. The firm has been asked to represent insureds of:
      • Windsor House, Inc and affiliated nursing homes
      • California State Automobile Association (AAA)
      • The Cincinnati Insurance Company
      • OUM & Associates
      • Podiatry Insurance Company of America
      • The Doctors Company
      • American Empire Insurance Company
      • GAB Robbins
      • St. Paul Insurance Company
      • Caronia Corporation
      • National Fire and Marine Insurance Company
      • National Machinery Company
      • Caliber One Insurance Company
      • The Medical Protective Company
      • Harborside HealthCare
      • O'Neill Management Company
      • Communicare Health Systems
      • Multi-Care Management Company
      • CNA HealthPro
      • Medmark
      • Canada Automobile Association (Ontario)
      • Markel Insurance Company

The firm has continuously been called upon by clients to represent their insureds throughout the State of Ohio, including Youngstown, Toledo, Akron/Canton, Columbus, Dayton, and Cincinnati.

Fee Arrangements

Douglas K. Fifner Co LPA strives to work with clients to establish both cost effective and high quality legal services. Fixed fee arrangements have been implemented with clients for the handling of lawsuits. The firm is located in Westlake, Ohio, approximately 12 miles from downtown Cleveland. The firm does not charge travel time, mileage or parking to attend events in downtown Cleveland. The firm’s clients are encouraged at any time to ask questions about the specifics of the statements for services rendered. Our attorneys combine the capabilities of a large law firm at costs reflecting the efficiencies of a smaller firm. 

  27106 E. Oviatt Road, Suite 40491
  Bay Village, Ohio 44140
Phone: 440-871-5020 / Fax: 440-871-5182

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